Farewell Art & Betty

This year Art and Betty finally decided to truly retire. If you have spent any amount of time here over the years, then you know Betty. We lovingly say we “inherited” them when we bought the marina years ago and we loved it from the start. They were always here cheering us on and helping us out in any way they could. If anyone had any questions about fishing, Betty was the person to ask. She could always catch ’em even if no one else was. Art was always there at the end of the day to clean her catch. Usually she had enough to keep us all stocked with fresh fish to eat. But time passes and things change and even for them they felt it was time. So they sold their house and moved closer to family in a neighboring state. We still get to talk to them and miss them greatly but wish them the best from the bottom of our hearts. They will forever be a part of Indian Hills.