Hello All!!

Well it sure has been an interesting year for everyone. Last year we all dealt with flood waters that I’m sure more than a few of us thought would never go away. There were a couple of barges that got lodged against a dam and sank. And now this year, just as we were all getting ready for a great summer Covid 19 happened. Who woulda thought! Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy. Strangely it’s been a busy time for those of us on the lake. Since people couldn’t go to work and kids got out of school early, everyone hit the lake! We’ve all had to adjust to the new normal as we call it but I think we’re getting used to it, as much as we can.

It’s been good seeing everyone back at the lake. We’ve seen a lot of old faces as well as a lot of new ones. Hopefully those new ones will discover what a great community we have here on Grand and keep coming back. We are excited about the coming year with the prospect of the new bridge construction starting. We think this is an exciting time for Horse Creek and the Bernice area. We’ve done a lot of brainstorming this past year and we have lots of ideas and plans for our little marina. She’s 80 years old and we are pretty proud that she’s stood the test of time. So keep an eye out and see what we get going over the next year.

We have lots of things going on here at the marina year round. We have a great breakfast menu we serve all day every day except for Sunday. One of the best burgers you will find around here, personally I think it is THE best but I might be a little bias. Our Broasted chicken on Sunday’s is pretty famous around here. We start serving at 11 and go till we run out so you better get here early! If your looking for a new boat, we have you covered there as well. We can even do your service after the sale. We want you to be a part of Indian Hills from now on. Need a cabin to stay in? We have those too and we’ve been working hard to do updates to them for the past year so we think you’ll be pleased. Gas, docks, fishing, boat and kayak rentals, store, we can take care of you. Come see us!

I’m new to this blog thing but check back periodically and see what’s new. Let’s all have a great rest of the summer and get ready for those beautiful fall boat rides.

I almost forgot, how about our new website? Take a look around, We have a fresh new look and will be adding more content soon.